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Wig give-a-way

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First off I was not sure where to post this so my apologies if this is the wrong forum

I purchased a wig back in 2006 then shortly afterwards made the decision to grow out my hair so the wig sat in the original box in a plastic bag never opened. This morning I was going through something and noticed it and know I will never use it as my hair is now half way down my back.

Details, black, just over shoulder length, straight style.

Anyone who would like it send me a message with a address to send it and I will send the wig to you.

My hope is someone will read this that has limited resources that could use such a wig at no cost to them.

Image is here


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Hello Karen,

I'd like to know if You still have this wig available, and if so could You possibly send it to Me?

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Personal contact information deleted for privacy reasons
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