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Voice training

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I'm Annika and I'm new here. I'd like to be able to sound more feminine.

Does anyone here have experience with this and/or this?

Those audio lessons seem a tad expensive. Are they worth it?

Is there anything else you would recommend?

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There is a free transgender (MtF) voice resource page at http://tgguide.com/transgender-resources/articles/voice-training/voice-training/

I suppose different techniques work for different people. If you can afford to pay the best solution would probably be to hire a voice coach but that isn't the only way to develop a feminine voice.

There is a wealth of free voice training resources available online. You can do a Google search to locate voice resources and don't forget to look at Youtube -- a wealth of information. You'll have to weed through the sales pitches and some bad advice, but find what works for you and then spend time practicing your female voice.

A technique that helped me was to practice using a voice recorder and then playing it back, listening for flaws. Then, I would make a call to a store for information about a product and see if they made an assumption about my gender based on voice. Sometimes I was called sir and thought it stung a little bit, it told me I needed to work a little more. Eventually I was called ma'am fairly regularly and that's when I gained a great deal of confidence.

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