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How to Locate/Compose Private Messages

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Private Messages can be used for a variety of things, are convenient, and easy to use. It's pretty much the same as posting in the forums, except... it's private, between you and another person.

1. In the upper right corner of nearly any page on the board, you will see your username, a small Envelope icon, a bell icon and the "Sign Out" link. (See figure)


2. Click on the Envelope icon. A small window will pop out. You have the choice of viewing all messages, or composing a new one. (See figure)


3. If you click on "View all Messages," a new window will load and you will be presented with a list of messages both sent and received. These messages will remain in your message box until you delete them. The subject of new messages will be in bold (just like email).

4. To view any message, click on the subject. The view will then change to the message which will contain the message you sent or received, and all replies attached to that message. It's pretty much like a forum thread... but again, just private.

5. To reply to any message you've received, or to add to a message already sent, scroll down toward the bottom of the page, and click on the "Reply" button at the bottom of the last PM, or compose your reply in the "Fast Reply" box which is at the very bottom of the page.

User preferences can be set so that a pop-up will be presented upon signing in (or refreshing a page while signed in) when there is a new message waiting for you. When a pop-up appears, you can view the message immediately, or postpone it. If you choose to postpone reading a new message, you will have to navigate to messages when you are ready to read the new PM following the steps above.

If you want to send someone a private message:

1. Click on the Envelope icon at the top of the page

2. When the small window pops out, clik on "Compose New."

NOTE: If you are already in your Messenger, simply click the "Compose New" button located at the far right above the messages list.

3. The view will change and you will now be presented with the message editor.

4. Enter the username of the member you wish to PM

5. Enter the security check characters in the box as indicated - NOTE: This feature is case sensative

6. Give your PM a title (if it is a new PM).

7. Compose your PM. Format it using the available tools if you wish.

8. After you finish your PM, at the bottom, choose from several choices:

Send Message

Preview Message



9. Unless you chose "Preview Message," you are finished, and simply need to wait for the recipient to reply.

10. If you chose "Preview Message," you can review the message as it should look if you sent it. If your message appears the way you want it, scroll back down to the bottom of the page again, and either send or save your PM

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