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Profile Image

1. Click on the Icon to the left of your username - it can be found in the upper right corner of nearly any page. The page will reload to your profile page.

2. After your profile page has loaded, clik on the "Edit my Profile" button. It should be located to the right side of the page. The page will reload to the "My Settings" page.

3. The page should load by default to "Profile Settings." In the "General Account Settings," look for and clik on the "Change my photo" button. A pop-up window will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions

4. When finished, clik the "Done" button, and the pop-up window will close. You will now be back on the "General Account Settings" page.

About Me

5. On the "General Account Settings" page, scroll down to where you see "Profile Information." You will see an "Edit my About Me Page" button. Clik that button and a pop-up window will appear.

6. Write a little about yourself. When finished, clik the "Finish & Save" button. This pop-up will close

Contact (and other) Information

7. On the "General Account Settings" page, just below the "Edit My About Me Page" button, you will find the fields to fill in contact info, gender, location, and interests - all of which is optional.

8. If you do make any changes, be sure to clik the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page


9. On this and other pages in "My Settings," you can make other changes to your account and profile by clikking on the appropriate tabs (located in the left column).

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"Photo size is often an issue." --Bonnie

Very true, and members should consider this if they have issues getting an image uploaded into their profile for an avatar. Sometimes the system will resize the image...sometimes it won't. When uploading an image for an avatar, the process only recommends that the image should be larger than 200px... but doesn't seem to indicate a maximum size (maybe I've somehow missed that info). I've used images as small as 56X64 and as large as 315X295.

I've also noticed that on occasion .png files seem to be an issue. I'm not sure if it is specifically .png files, the size of a .png, or just coincidence.


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