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Funeral for Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn Moved Because of 'Threats'

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"The funeral for an Ohio transgender teen whose death and suicide note struck a chord across the country was moved Friday and held privately after threats against the family. Leelah Alcorn, 17, died Sunday after writing in an online diary that her parents didn't accept that she identified as female.

Tim Tripp, the family minister at Northeast Church of Christ in Cincinnati, told NBC News the funeral had been moved to a private location because "the times and dates had been publicized, and the family's received threats." Tripp wouldn't specify what threats surrounded the funeral, other than to say the family had heard there would be "disruptions." Mourners arriving at the church Friday found a sign on the door announcing the service's postponement. Jeff Hartmann, of Hodapp Funeral Home, said the private service was held there Friday morning. He said Alcorn's body was to be cremated..."

More: http://www.nbcnews.c...threats-n278541

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Despite the fact that Leelah's family are a lot of un-christian bigots, they have suffered a loss and I can't condone whatever would have been done to disrupt Leelah's funeral. But I don't feel sorry for the family having received the threats. Now that the funeral is over, well...

The greatest thing they could do for their daughter now, though any good is way too late, is to put her [chosen] name on her grave.

I would like to see her parents, see how their determination to maintain their "christian façade" has backfired in their faces, their narrow-minded little world crumbling down around them. The world has made a martyr of Leelah, has damn near made her a saint. And recognized her for the very girl that her family yet refuses to acknowledge. Must really be choking them to know that there's an enormous population outside their front door that doesn't agree with their beliefs (religious or not), despises them, and has demonized them. They're going down as villians.

I really wouldn't wanna be in their shoes.

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If this were my child, I would only ask our Lord & Lady for one thing on behalf of the family of this young Soul I first knew as "Leelah". That they should know the quality of Mercy.

Because they rasied a citizen that did.

I will say this to Leelah because I know she can hear me. You lived a noble and just life. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. And your story has not finished being written yet. So from behind the Veil, we know that you are still with us. We know that you stand right beside us. I know this because that is what my Grand Father says he gives us "Better Angels" for.

I'm glad you and the rest of my better Angels got my six Leelah! And if you see a little Shelty with a HUGE scar behind his right shoulder blade, he is very fond of bacon !

Fair Winds & Following Seas Leelah.

A greatful citizen.


There are stories that p*$$ me off - like this one about what happened to Leelah, and her so-called "parents." There are posts that make me think. Some make me say, "amen, brother!" Others, "you go, girl!" There are posts that make me laugh. And some that make me go, "aww, bummer, man!" There are few posts, however, that grab me by the throat and squeeze until it forces me to tear up.

I think it was Warren that said somewhere around here, "wish there were more 'like' buttons."

I woulda beat the crap outta that button! But then, I dunno, I might not have been able to see it 'cause there was something in my eye(s).

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