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Why Do Some Blogs Have a Black Dot?

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Why Do Some Blogs Have a Black Dot?

A member asked:

Basically, I just want to know why some blog posts have big black dots beside them, and others don't?

Is it an indication of views, popularity, or comments, or something else entirely?

I'm just curious and thought someone else might be wondering the same thing.

If you know, please pass on the info :)

The dot seen to the left of blog entries means two things:
........1.  If the dot shows to any member who did not create the blog entry, it meas that member has not yet read that entry, or a comment has ....     ....been made since the entry was last read by that member
........2.  If the dot shows to the member who created the entry, it means that a comment has been left on the entry


If you place your cursor over the dot by any blog entry, a tippage will pop up, as shown above.



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