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need help with what size I am

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Madison, there are charts out there for converting male to female such as this one and note that you might size up to a size 6 in my brand of clothes while a size 8 in another (trust me I know and the 6 and 8 are me). 

I want you to think about the following, we all at one point or another had fears of the sales person laughing at us, thinking bad things about us and friends seeing us purchase female clothing. To resolve the sales person part just say something like "I purchasing these clothes for my sister's birthday" or dependent on the city tell them if asked, they are for you. Tip I found it to be better when asked "do you want the receipt with you or in the bag" to say in the bag if you did not say it was for a birthday present while the opposite if no reason is given.

In regards to the fear of friends or family seeing you purchase female clothing, simply go to a different city to purchase the clothing.

Other things that may be helpful

  • Keep focused while purchasing clothes to the task at hand.
  • Break rule number one if the sales person ask if you need help, look them in the eye's, smile and say either "no thank you" which is more likely than not will be your first instinct and then when comfortable if you need help look them in the eyes and say "yes, I need help with ...."
  • Before going into a store: Relax, listen to music on your ipod if car radio. While walking into the store (still outside) take three deep, slow breathes to relax yourself.

Have you thought about where you will place the female clothing? Have a place planned out prior to purchasing them that nobody has access too and very important where the are stored should keep them from being wrinkled. I used a foot locker back in my teenage years and actually still have it that is used for stored business documents 40 years later.

Have you thought about washing the clothes? Consider using a public wash/dry service that you do the work. Concealment, bring male clothing along too.

There is a great deal to work with besides simply purchasing clothing.

Important just about all transgender people will purge which means a phase will happen when you are not wanting to deal with being female and toss all the clothing. All that do this curse themselves down the road "dang, should never had purged but simply store the clothing away because now I need to spend money and do this again." So when it happens do not toss the clothes.

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Dear Madison,

Karen has excellent advice.

Since presently you only own bras and panties, may I suggest you wash them by hand in Woolite, and they will last much longer.

Also, you may want to consider purchasing clothing through catalogs.  

Yours truly,


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