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Who Can See My Photo Album?

Existing Albums:
If you have a photo album in the member gallery navigate to your album by going to your profile, then clik on the "Albums" tab.  If you have more than one album, clik on the album title you wish to review.
NOTE:  You can also access the albums of other members by going to their profiles and clikking on the "Albums" tab.

Once in your album, you can add images, delete images, edit your album preference, delete/approve/respond to comments on individual images

It appears that all albums became accessible by all members when the forum was upgraded in May 2015.  If you wish to restrict access to your album:
    1.  Navigate to your album
    2.  On the left under the name of your album, clik the "Edit Album" link - a window should open
    3.  Under "Privacy," put a bullet in "I want to choose who can see this album."  A new category, "Members with access," will appear
    4.  In the field below this category, you must enter the usernames of the members you choose to see the contents of your album.
    5.  When entering usernames, you will be presented with suggestions (much like your email client does if you use that option) of usernames similar to the one you wish to enter.  Take care that you choose the correct name.   Example:  If the member's name is "Stephanie," once you have entered four or five characters, a list of suggestions will appear.   From that point, you must either finish typing the preferred member's full username, or you must scroll thru the list of suggestions and clik on the appropriate username.  If you navigate away from the field before doing either, and there is a member with a username as you left it, that username will end up in the list of members with access to your album unless you notice it and delete it.
    6.  Additionally, if you choose to type a member's username in full (ignoring the list of suggestions), be sure to spell the username correctly, as the system neither advises of misspellings, nor warns that the [misspelled] username does not exist.  If the misspelled username exists, the name will remain in your list.  If the misspelled username does not exists, the system will dump it after you save your changes.   You will be unaware of either until you have occasion to revisit your privacy preferences.
NOTE:  These settings will apply to only the one album.  If you have more than one photo album, you must set preferences for each individual album.

NOTE:  If you invite a member to check out your new images, but the member cannot access your album, it is because of one of four things:
        a.  Your album is set so that only you can view it
        b.  You chose the wrong username from the list of suggestions
        c.  You mispelled the member's username
        d.  The member does not have access to the Member Galleries

NOTE:  If a member you allow to access your album changes his/her username, you do not have to change his/her username in your list of "Members with access."  The system will do this automatically.

NOTE:  If you upload an image without adding it to an existing album, or without creating an album in which to place that image, the image will appear in the gallery, and visible to all.  Your only options outside of an album are to edit the details of the image (title, descriptions, etc), hide the image or delete the image.

To create an album:
    1.  Clik on the down arrow next to "+ Create."  In the menu, clik on "Gallery Image."
    2.  A box will appear.  Clik on the "select" field and choose "Member Photo Galleries," and clik the "Continue" button
    3.  You will be presented with a page where you can upload images
    4.  When you've uploaded your images, clik the "Continue" button
    5.  You will have the choice of creating an album for the newly uploaded images, or you can add them to an existing album if you have one
    6.   If you are creating an album, clik the appropriate button, then follow all following on-screen steps, and set preferences for that album
    7.  If your album will not be available to all members, follow Steps 2 thru 6 under "Existing Albums."  You can also allow or disallow comments and ratings.  Give your image a caption, and if you wish you can write a description.  Though it is not required, you should consider filling in the "Credit" and/or "Copyright" fields out of courtesy if an image you are uploading does not belong to you.

To delete an image:
    1.  Navigate to your album
    2.  Clik on an image to go to the slide show
    3.  Clik on the image you want to delete
    4.  Scroll down the page where image info and comments (if there are any).  Below the name of the image, and your username, clik on the "Manage Image" button.
    5.  In the menu, clik on "Delete."  A confirmation box will open.
    6.  Clik "OK" if you want to delete the image

Adding Images:
    1.  Navigate to the desired album
    2.  On the right, clik on the "Add Images" button
    3.  Drag and drop an image, of clik the "Choose Files..." button to open a "File Upload" box, and choose files from there
    4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and clik the "Continue" button
    5.  Tag and/or describe the image(s) if you choose
    6.  Clik the "Save" button


You can change the preferences in your album any time.  You can even delete your album if you so choose.

It may be helpful to print this post, or open the gallery in another browser tab or window and switch between the two.

Non-members/Guests do no have access to the member's gallery.

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