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Missing Text, Forum Upgrade 2015

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Missing Text, Forum Upgrade 2015

It is known that some content was lost after an unsuccessful software version upgrade in mid to late April 2015.  However, it was thought that the lost content was in the form of entire newly created forum threads, new posts to old threads, changes/edits to profiles made during that time, blog entries and/or comments made during that time, and newly created photo albums and additions to older existing albums.

It appears now that it's possible portions of content may have been affected, as missing text has been spotted in at least two posts in a thread that was being considered for an update.  That thread began in March 2015, but was still active into April 2015.  One post that was missing text had a now-defunct YouTube video in it, the other had a quote box in it, but the quoted materials seems out of place.  This seems to point to an issue with formatting from one version to another.

These two posts may be an isolated situation, and/or any affected content may be due only to the failed upgrade, but anything that seems a bit off kilter posted between 4.01.2015 and 5.31.2015 may be explained by the upgrade attempt and process during this period.

Members are welcome to "repair" any post they authored during that period if s/he finds text is missing from their posts.  If members spot a post during the above mentioned time frame that is obviously missing text, report that post on this thread, and attempts will be made to "repair" the post.

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