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Transgender Pride at TDOR 2016 ?

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Yes, I have been notified by the Anti Violence project coordinator at 8AM eastern this morning that there is a Petition drive to Light the White House in the transgender Pride colors ! It's already a fact that the Obama administration gave LGB their due . It's been our turn since Stonewall 1969 . I'm behind this project as Lavern Cox and several celebrities have been lined up to do the same at the Empire State Building in New York at the same time the White house will light itself in Pink and Sky Blue !

Yes, Trans day of remembrance has and will continue to be a somber event as it should be . Still, we Trans people are too often swept under and ignored or worse yet , seen in a bad light . I heard from a major insurance carrier at noon that the company I have my policy with is looking at more covered SRS options in the year 2016 ! Folks , this was UNHEARD of even LAST YEAR ! Yes , we trans people are finally being seen as a "Credible " group . Every day , more and more are stepping from the closets and dark bars where we have been subjugated for decades .


petitions.whitehouse.gov. / petition light whitehouse transgender pride colors November 20 th Transgender day of remembrance


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I just signed the petition. Count me in.



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