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Man Recounts Year Pretending to Be Gay

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Thanks for sharing. I'm sure Mr. Kurek's life and understanding about gay people has been enlightened.



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This really strengthens my believe that exposure and education are the answer to all our prejudices, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, all of it.  Actually getting to know real human beings instead of hypothetical teachings in safe bubbles makes a huge difference.

Edited to add: how much better would it have been for Nikki if this was a more public, normal thing, and just how he was?  If we as a society could just intermingle and gain understanding and reach the point of no big deal.  In Ohio racism is a little more blatent than it was in NJ, which has a much higher mix of everyone on earth living together.  Sure, not all of them got along, but there was exposure and most people just regarded each other as people.  There are always some crazies, but the majority was it's just people.  If someone posted a bathroom bill on race or religion they would be driven out, it should be the same for gender for example.  But this life experience isn't as well understood so it retains the scary of the unknown and the voices of the crazies echo louder in the unknown.

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