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Transgender rights in prison

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Judge: Maryland prison mistreated transgender inmate
Sep 24, 9:51 AM (ET)

BALTIMORE (AP) — A transgender inmate who says she was called "it" and "some kind of animal" by guards who watched her shower has won a legal victory that forces the Maryland prison system to better train for how to treat transgender people, advocates say.

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Ya know, as I read this story, I thought, it's a shame that people must be "trained" to be decent.  To treat others with respect.  To be compassionate.

But I guess all of life is all about learning.  Still, blows my mind that people can be mean for the sake of being mean.  In my little world, you have to do something to me for me to get mean with you.  And if it's bad enough, and you make me dislike you enough, if you push me to hate you, then I have no heartburn in being down right nasty mean - you earned it.

Makes me wonder how some of these people treat animals, babies and old people....

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