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Anybody got any suggestions for the size of lingerie?

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I find tgguide via https://twitter.com/TGGuide,i am a newer,75kg,68 inch.

i am interest the lingerie http://www.crossdressershow.com/lace-floral-sheer-babydoll-nightwear-g-string-set.html .any suggestions with the size for for me?thanks.



caution.gif This website includes BDSM products, sex toys, and images of realistic-looking prothetics, and may not be suitable for all members/viewers

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Take your measurements and compare to the listed size chart , I have always went to the store to try on stuff before buying  if i was unsure about something a sales lady or man can help you , they will not poke fun at you ,, but if not a option and still unsure of your size after measurement order one size larger if does not fit send back  for a bigger size 

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