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Tip of the Day - Don't Lose Your Work

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"I had a lot written out about me a few minutes ago but i was logged off for some reason and lost all of my work..."

Some of ya's are too young (literally) to remember the days when everyone was on a dial-up.  There may even be some who don't even know what a "dial-up" is unless they reside in very rural areas.  I remember when I was finally able to connect to the internet at "56K."  I thought I was flying at the speed of light!  :lol: Nothing like technology and progress...eh?

Anyway.. not only were internet speeds slow (compared to today), but time was precious - most ISPs had several packages from which a consumer could choose.  Each package came with a set amount of online time for a monthly charge.  Anything beyond that a user had to pay for by the hour - there was no "unlimited."  And of course, ya never knew when you might get "booted" - lose connection.

Because you never knew when you might get booted, and primarily because time online was precious, users learned to compose email and board posts offline.  Once done, you logged on, went directly to where ever it was you needed to be, and copied and pasted.  Saved time, saved work, saved money.  

Today, connection to the internet is much more stable or reliable than it was 20 years.   And of course, in most cases today, internet access is unlimited on home computers and many devices.  But still, there are occasions when a person can lose connection.   So even today, it's still not a bad idea to compose something in a word processing program first because if for some reason you do lose connection, you don't lose all your work.  

Happy posting!


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That is what I do, compose in my case, Microsoft Word. So I second this suggestion. When I post a blog on WordPress I first save locally then publish in the event something bad happens I have a safe copy.

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