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Lest we forget.

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Leelah Alcorn (November 15, 1997 – December 28, 2014) was an American transgender girl whose suicide attracted international attention. Alcorn had posted a suicide note to her Tumblr blog, writing about societal standards affecting transgender people and expressing the hope that her death would create a dialogue about discrimination, abuse and lack of support for transgender people.




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Hiya Charlie. I can admit to being very upset, at the News of Leelah Alcom's death, when it occurred. Then, when I heard how Leelah's supposed Parent's had treated that Poor Young Lady, I thought "Give Them The Death Penalty ! ". Poor Leellah, how that Young Lady suffered. It Is at times like this, when I count Myself lucky, that when I made 3 Serious Suicide Attempts, because I had Not been in a situation, to "Come-Out", as Transsexual, that 3 separate lots of Friends found Me, and saved My Life. ( I have now been "Out" for almost 7 Month's, and I now couldn't be Happier. It does make Me sad though, when You do hear of People in the Trans' Community, who have been killed, just because their Gender inside, does Not match the outside, or they are unable to "Come-Out", and are so desperate, that they take their Own lives.  The memories of Young Ladies like Leelah, or any other Trans'Men and Trans' Women, should Always be Marked, by The Transgender Day Of Remembrance, ( TDOR ). My Nail's have been painted Purple, for the Purpose, and I have worn a Purple Jumper, as well.  Charlie, I count Myself lucky. Charlie, Take Care, With My Very Best Regards, Stephanie. xoxo 

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And Ohio, a state known for its refusal to change, edit or notate the BCs of transgender people, has made it impossible for Ohioans and anyone travelling through the state to forget her  --


See story here
I know this is wrong on many levels, but when I saw this, the FIRST thing I thought was, "I hope her mother is choking on the knowledge that this sign exists," as even after losing her child, she still refused to acknowledge her DAUGHTER.

Rest in Peace, Leelah, and all the other teens, young adults, men and women who have been killed for simply being themselves, or who died by their own hands because life wouldn't let them.


Birth certificate information source: Lambda Legal

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