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WARNING:  This post contains examples of words/terms/phrases/language inappropriate for some members/readers, and for this board.  They are included only to place emphases on the provision(s) of this board's rules.

It's become obvious, that more and more, members are ignoring a few simple rules of this board.

There is certain language that is highly discouraged, and certain content that is absolutely not acceptable - this is a support board and is not age restricted.  When it comes to inappropriate language, there is nothing any of us composes that can't be done cleanly.  *For purposes of advancing this point, the following words are the kind of language considered inappropriate on this board, no matter the topic or issue:
    Ass~, used in combination with another word.  Ex:  ~hole, ~wipe, ~hat, etc
    Shit, and any other term/phrase containing the word, and in any variation (including shyte or shite)
    F*ck, and any other term/phrase containing the word, and in any variation
    C*nt (including any proper form if it is being used to demean or flame)
    P*ssy (including any proper form if it is being used to demean or flame)
    D*ck (including any proper form if it is being used to demean or flame)
    C*ck (including any proper form if it is being used to demean or flame)
This includes any combination of such terms, and terms/phrases that one creates believing they have cleverly circumvented the rules.  A good example: Richard Cranium.  This was actually a username that someone registered with several years ago - the account was promptly deleted.  If you get it, you understand and know what's acceptable and what isn't.  If you don't get it, then chances are, you probably won't be creating such terms/phrases.

Additionally, there is really no need for even the following terms, though quite often, they are overlooked (and perhaps to a degree even acceptable in today's society) if use in a single post is not excessive:
So, don't over-do it.

Discussion on nearly any topic, up to and including sexual topics related to being trans or transitioning and trans issues have always been allowed, as long as the discussion is tasteful and that such content does not contain unnecessarily graphic description or language designed to titillate.  When a post or blog entry begins to look more like erotica, then it's no longer acceptable.  When images, video or quoted text is posted containing unacceptable language, it is in violation of the board rules:
    1.  Just because the topic has to do with trans issues, that is not a free ticket to compose any content laced with unacceptable language/profanity/vulgarities
    2.  Just because a discussion from someplace else (copied and pasted here) deals with trans issues, that does not mean it's acceptable with all it's unacceptable language/profanity/vulgarities
    3.  Posting in the blogs is not license to post sexually explicit content, or entries that have been written in an obviously titillating manner, or content laced with inappropriate language/profanity/vulgarities
    4.  Posting images in the gallery is not license to post sexually explicit or highly sexually suggestive content

There are rare occasions when an article or video is linked that might contain a smattering of inappropriate content is acceptable because of the informative or important message that article or video contains.  In those instances, we ask that a member include a warning with their post, otherwise, moderators will edit a post to included a warning.  However, slamming up a warning is not a license to post just anything.  

From this point forward:
    a.  Any language that can be considered inappropriate will be deleted from posts.  
    b.  If a post is so laced with language or content that it cannot be edited, the entire post will be deleted.  This includes blog entries.
    c.  If such a post was the start of a thread, the entire thread will be deleted.
    d.  Any post or blog entry that appears to be unnecessarily sexually explicit, or appears to be an attempt on the part of the member to use TGG as a place to post erotica, will be deleted.  In such cases, the member could find him-/herself under moderator review.
    e.  Any image uploaded anywhere on this board (including the member gallery and member albums) that is sexually explicit, overly suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate, will be removed.  Depending on the severity of the infraction, a member's access to the gallery could be suspended.

*The listed words/terms are not to be considered a complete list thereby implying that words/terms not listed may be used as one wishes, but are simply a few examples to use as a guide as to what is or isn't acceptable.


NOTE:  I myself have used "disguised" terms on occasion.  One such example, "donkey orifice."  I'm sure many adults recognized the actual intent - it was done for impact in whatever the top was, and believing that those 16 or younger would not make the connection.  I will not being doing so again.  The occasional use of these kinds of things is probably harmless, but it is now getting out of hand, and of course today, some are just using the actual terms.



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