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"In One Person", John Irving

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I just finished reading this novel - which reads like an autobiography - of a boy who grew up in quite a gender-fluid family and environment in small-town Vermont, filled with his own bisexuality, gender questioning, and the troubles we all relate to. Throughout he's remarkably self-assured about his sexuality and gender, perhaps because of his grandfather who plays leading roles in their community Shakespeare productions - but always in women's roles.  The book was kind of fun but also a bit of a slog at times. Like, "Come on, what's the point?" I guess the point is that so many people have these feelings and existences beneath the surface and that it's okay.  And coming from John Irving - who is widely read and respected, having written many books including "Cider House Rules" (which is excellent) and "The World According to Garp" (which I could not finish) - it's great to consider that the message is getting out there to a wider audience.  I wonder if any others here have read it and what you think.


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