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"A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary: Reflections on Transgender", Jack Molay

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I've recently spent some time on Jack Molay's Crossdreamers blog site and saw that he recently published this book on Amazon, for Kindle and in paperback.  I snapped it up for my Kindle and enjoyed it a lot.  It's much more than a simple dictionary, offering perspectives on the history of some words (some of which he and his Crossdreamer collaborators coined), for both MTF and FTM transgender people.  For me, these words help provide ways to express what I'm feeling - which helps.  For example:

Affirmation: his definition is that we are affirmed when his or her crossdreaming is confirmed.  But I think that applies equally to transgender, don't you?  He then lists three levels of affirmation:

1. The realization that we're not the only one with these feelings.

2. You meet people who accept you for who you are.

3. You manage to affirm your own being and to love yourself as who you really are.  

I know that, for me, Level 3 is the one I aspire to.  Not there yet and given all the hangover from messages from people like Ray Blanchard I may never get there.  Hard to undo all that I learned over so many years.  Thank goodness for places like TGGuide where we can all (I believe) achieve Level 1 and 2 and, maybe, make our individual progress toward Level 3.



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