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Thanking Others, & How to Send a PM

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This is not really a tech question, but:  How do I thank a member who 'liked' a post?   And, How do i PM a member?

thanks, Christine 

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Hi Christine,

There are several ways, such as:

- Thank them in a comment to one of their posts;

- Add a comment to your post where you specifically thank them;

- But as you said, a PM is very nice too.  And that is easy-peezy, and there are a couple of ways, and here is one:

1. Click on the envelope icon in the upper right area of the TGG screen (to the left of your photo.

2. Click on Compose New

3. Enter their user name into the box.  You can also just start to enter it and the system will start to populate a suggestion list.  When you find the one you want, click on it, which loads it into the To field.

4. Like an email, enter a subject.  Might be something like "Thanks for liking my post!"

5. Enter your communication in the lower box and click Send.  

That's it!  And if/when they reply, you'll see an exclamation point in the envelope icon when you sign back into TGG.


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