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When, oh when, are they going to stop legislating our love lives?

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Michigan has LOST it's mind.  I can't even comprehend how many actual lawbreakers there are, strait, gay, married, single, and whatever other relationship options there would be in that state if they formally sign this.  I think it's not yet signed.  I could be wrong.  And mixing people and animal in the same laws is just...creepy.  So very very creepy.  The link only says sodomy, but if you read the article you'll see another VERY common act between consenting adults is mentioned.  Why do we have consenting adult laws if consenting will land you 15  years in jail?  And this feels very targeted to me, like 'how can we ruin lgbt love lives today?'


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That's just plain ignorant.  And if those charged, tried and convicted of sodomy fight it... it seems to me this bill (if put into law) could become pretty costly for Michigan I would think.


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