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It's not just about bathrooms. Discrimination can lead to unemployment, poverty and even murder.

The South Dakota legislature’s failure to override a gubernatorial veto killed, once and for all, a bill that would have banned transgender students from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. This hot-button political issue is cropping up in states and workplaces all over the country, a symptom of broader and sometimes more dangerous discrimination against a minority that only recently started making its voice heard.

Just last month, a transgender woman named Georgia Carter was hired at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Richmond, Va., only to be denied the job an hour later because the manager was unsure which restroom she would use at work. The manager was fired a few days later for violating KFC’s nondiscrimination policy, which includes gender identity and expression.

The “politics of peeing,” or being denied access to the sex-segregated restroom that corresponds to one’s gender identity, is just one of the many types of discrimination experienced by the approximately 700,000 Americans who identify as transgender. Last year, a record number of transgender people were murdered, almost all of them trans women of color. At least 23 trans people were killed last year in the United States and at least 81 were killed worldwide.








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Posted (edited)

Thanks for posting this. I see these as positive:

1. That governor vetoing that discriminatory bill and then the legislature failed to override the veto. I'll bet that governor and those who didn't support the veto were swayed at least to some extent by recent shifts in trans awareness and understanding. 

2. KFC actually and swiftly fired that store manager. Come on! KFC? They have to be one of the most conservative companies around. Obviously it hurt the employee s lot and I'm sorry for that. But the example made by KFC is fabulous.

3. Here again, an article about all this in USA Today? Awesome. Awareness and dialogue shines s light on the reality of trans people's situations and validity as real people. 

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