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Stockings and thigh highs, for me are for evening, going out on a special date. With that in mind I want decent stockings or thigh highs and found the following site.


I am more into thigh highs as for me they are easier to work with than stockings and have other advantages... And I want a product that feels fantastic where many store brands lack this attribute.

For my first pair I settled on these Personalized Ultra Sheer RHT Stockings which I think it's nice they are personalized to you and I like they are garter-belt style, something else men like as well as myself.




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I wear both pantyhose and stockings regularly.  I don't like the thigh highs with the elastic at the top but much prefer regular stockings and garter belts.  I started wearing feminine underwear at 13 with the support of my step mother and sisters.  I was living in an all female house so the transition was not painful .  I started wearing pantyhose at 15 and continued doing so  secretly, except for my family, until I began presenting as a woman 3 years ago.  For everyday I prefer No Nonsense pantyhose because the fit is perfect.  I also like Hue.  For stockings I usually go to Victoria Secret but I also treat myself to Wolfrd's now and then.  I like fishnets with and without backseams and have gotten them from Capezio

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Dear Karen, Nicky and Chantelle,

My mother had BEAUTIFUL lingerie, washing them by hand in Woolite (yes, they still make it!) and air drying them, and when it came to slips, carefully ironing them.  She stored them in their own drawer, in between sheets of white tissue.

My mother wore a girdle and preferred stockings over pantyhose, for obvious reasons.

Being a nurse, my mother wore a girdle to work to protect her back, with white stockings.  (Now I am dating myself - she wore the white nurse's uniform, before the "scrubs" became popular.

As for myself, I never wear stockings or pantyhose, as I have skin tags on my inner thighs.  

If you take care of your clothes, your clothes will take of you, as my dear mother used to say, may God rest her soul!

Your friend,


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