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Sting reveals anti-trans job bias

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Interesting report but sad.


Start of article

The D.C. Office of Human Rights on Tuesday released the findings of a six-month study that showed 48 percent of employers appeared to prefer at least one less-qualified job applicant over a better-qualified applicant perceived as being transgender.

The study involved sending 200 “test” cover letters and resumes prepared by OHR to 38 employers that advertised 50 individual job openings, according to an OHR statement.

The statement says OHR sent two sets of cover letters and resumes to each of the advertised job openings from “applicants” who appeared to be transgender and another two sets from applicants who were portrayed as non-transgender. “The study is the first known government-conducted resume testing to focus on discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming job applicants,” OHR said in its statement.

Details of the study along with its findings are described in a 28-page OHR report released on Tuesday entitled, “Qualified and Transgender: A Report on Results of Resume Testing for Employment Discrimination Based on Gender Identity.”

The report includes these findings: 



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Well... if nothing else comes of this, at least now some know that not only are we not deviants, abominations, perverts, pedophiles and freaks... we're also not liars.    All they had to do all along was listen to the MANY trans people who have experienced the discrimination.

Just sayin'...

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Yeah.  Despite the laws discrimination in hiring is alive and well in all forms.  Want to be a tech where I work?  Be a white male.  The women and minorities were shunted into an overflow file right away.  Unless you want to work in the 'office' part clerking, then we're allowed. 

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