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Coverting Male to Female Sizes

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Hello, for a while I have been thinking of trying female clothes but I don't know anything about converting the size of a male to a size of a female. Do any of you guys know how to do so?

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Places like Amazon and Macy's, if you get the size wrong you can return it then try another size or purchase two sizes e.g. size 4 and size 6 and try both. Personally I have Amazon Prime where many times shipping is free and like the last dress I purchased last Wednesday had it by Friday, free two-day shipping.

When purchasing jeans or leggings be cognitive of the inseam as regular is 27 through 30 which gets me because I need a 32 inseam and many cisgender females I know even go to 34 inseam.

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If you are shopping online, most of them have a 'size chart' for their items based on measurements, with a diagram showing you where to measure.  It's worth keeping in mind that the cut of the piece and the manufacturer vary wildly so using each sites size chart is worth the time, women's sizes aren't as standardized as it would seem in my experiences.  The best way to go is always use that sizing chart if you are unable to try things on.  It's the same with shoes.  I will never even try to order shoes online, it's too crazy. 

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