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North Shore barber refuses to cut transgender person's hair

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6:59 PM Thursday Apr 7, 2016

"You're not actually a man", was the reason allegedly given to a transgender person by a North Shore barber who refused to cut their hair.

Lorren Grabarek was born female but identifies as neither male nor female -- otherwise known as gender queer or non-binary, falling under the transgender umbrella and preferring the gender-neutral pronoun "they".

Grabarek wanted a short back and sides ahead of their 22nd birthday and on Sunday went to The Corner Shop Barber in Birkenhead.

"The shop was empty when I arrived, there was a woman sitting down. She looked at me and I sat down next to her.

"She was wearing an apron ... I asked her if she worked there and she was like, 'I am, but I can't serve you'," Grabarek said.

Asked why not, the staffer allegedly said "because you're not actually a man, so I can't cut your hair".



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I could understand if Grabarek had been turned away for asking for a women's cut or style considering that shop is  a barber shop only.  It's obvious the barber who turned Grabarek away was simply exercising her own intolerance and prejudice.

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