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Sudden realization

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So I had a bit of a bugger of a couple of weeks and have sort of decided i'm going to be ME. Who is rather more of a woman than a man i'll be honest. And you know i'm quite accepting of that in a strange way. I'm gonna stop hiding behind my fake persona, and just try to be me; express myself how I want, wear what I want etc. It's not my fault I got the wrong skin suit. 

Which was all well and good til this morning, when I started browsing clothes, and googling outfits and I had that sudden moment of realization...

Can I even GET cute shoes in a size 12?! ahahaha. Looks like i'm going to have to be doing a lot of googling. 

Bring on the challenge!

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Feels good to finally come in to yourself, doesn't it? Enjoy the journey! 

You may also enjoy writing your own blog about your adventures here. It can be hard to find shoes and other things that fit, as well as styles and colors that fit your body, coloration, and how you like to express yourself. But that's fun too. Just yesterday I received a new dress from an Amazon retailer. It's purple, long, with long flowing sleeves and a "corset top." Kind of cute and indeed, it fit! But it looks like it would great at a rennesance fair (bad spelling, I know) but not so pretty for casual wear. So, I'm returning it! No problem with that.


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Hello Arrein. How Are You ? Okay, I Hope ! Arrein, Welcome To TGGuide. Arrein, I Am Stephanie, A 54 Year-Old; Male-to-Female; Transitioning; Transsexual; From The United Kingdom. Arrein, I " Came-Out ", as A MtoF; Transitioning; Transsexual; on 30th. April, 2015; to My Wife. I started Buying Female Undies; and Female Clothes; Wearing Them; and Being " Out " in " Public ", and Fully; Full-Time; Female-Dressing; and Female-Living; on 1st. May, 2015. I have Known, since I was 3 Year's of Age; that I Am Female; " Trapped " in A Male Body. I have been " Out ", for 2 Week's "Short " of 1 Year Now. " Coming-Out ", was like having " A Massive Weight ";  "Lifted-Off " Both of My Shoulder's !  Arrein, You said about finding Shoes that fit. Well I go to a Shop, called Long Tall Sally. My Shoe Size, is U.K. Size 12; in Female Shoes. Long Tall Sally, do Shoes, upto U.K. Size 13; in Female Shoes. I do Know, that Long Tall Sally, have Shop's in The U.K.; The U.S.A.; and Canada. Arrein, You might find some nice shoes there. Long Tall Sally's Website, is :- www.longtallsally.com  I hope that this information is useful to You. I Am currently wearing a lovely pair of Long Tall Sally - Daisy Ballerina Shoes; Size 12; in Black.  Arrein, I wear Pretty; Flowery; Dresses; most of the time. I also love wearing Pretty; Sexy; Lacy; Black :-,Bra's; Knocker's; Suspender-Belt's; and Stocking's; and, Garter's. I do sometimes wear Skirts; and Blouses, or Top's.  Arrein. I wish You All the Very Best of Luck, and Good Health, for the Future. Good Luck with Your Transitioning. By the Way Sweetheart, I do Love Your Photograph. You have a Very Pretty; Sweet; Face. I Love Your Blue-Hair, as well. Arrein, I Am here, if You would like to talk, and You have got load's of Other Great People, here on TGGuide, far too many to Name. Arrein, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo. 


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