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Culture Wars - GOP and Evangelical Opposition to LGBT

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Hiya Michael. How Are You ? Okay, I Hope ! Michael, I have watched the Whole Video. Thank You Very Much, for the Link, that is how I got to see it. Michael, My Late Grandfather, on My Father's side, was a Church Of England Vicar. ( Sadly, He has been passed on for a Month Short of 50 Year's. ). Because I Am the Grandchild of a Vicar, some People have been surprised, that I Am A MtoF; Transitioning; Transsexual. However, they are very supportive of Me.  But, I spoke to a Local Female Chaplain , a few week's ago. She has no Problem's with People being L.G.B.T., and when We parted Company, Her leaving word's were God Bless You, and Good Luck with Your Transitioning. I must admit, I could Not believe the Lady Chaplain's lovely attitude. But, She had already said, that everybody has a right to live their lives, as they wish, and in peace. I wished that Lady Chaplain The Very Best Wishes, for The Future. Now having watched that video, it just shows how twisted some People's attitude's are. I have 2 Friend's who are Gay. They were always told that Transsexual/Transgender People, and Gay People do Not get on. Totally wrong of course. I demonstrated to One of My Gay Friend's, that In Public, or In Private, that I would always be pleased to see Him. We had a cuddle, and kissed each other on the Cheek's, in Our local Supermarket, when We had Not met up, for a few Month's. My whole attitude is, I Do Not Care, what Race; Creed; Colour; Religion; Gender; Sexuality; Disability; Ability; or Whatever Way's that People Differ. We are All Different, and Individual's. We All Have the right to exist. We All Have the right to be Happy. Michael, You Are Such A Lovely Gentleman. You show Everyone such Kindness, and Care. Michael, I Am Very Proud, to have You as a Friend. Michael, Thank You Very Much, for bringing to Our Attention, All the Important Issue's that You Do. Michael, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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