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by Zack Ford Apr 19, 2016 3:23 pm
"According to research from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence (JWT) and Out Professionals in Advertising and Media, when people are shown ads that feature transgender people, 74 percent agreed that it simply reflects the reality of today’s society. Some 65 percent agree that brands that choose to include trans people in their ads are brave and progressive. Approval unsurprisingly tended to be higher among women, Millennials, liberals, and non-heterosexuals."  --thinkprogress.org

Customers Are OK With Transgender People In Advertising, But Don’t Know What It Means

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So many are still not clear on what being transgender means.  Trans in Advertising is great like the one Jazz is in for Clean & Clear.  If the advertisement doesn't actually mention anything about being trans would anyone know there was a transperson in the ad?   I really liked the one on bathrooms.  We need to be seen more in everyday things and we still need to keep educating people.  That is why I will talk to people about it if they ask.  I know I don't pass but I do my best so when someone asks me about anything trans related I do not get insulted and happily answer whatever they want to know.


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