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How to Look Hot in Swimwear (5 Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women)

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 Even if you aren’t ready to hit the beach en femme, I think every crossdresser and transgender women should own a bathing suit. Wear one for sunbathing, lounging by the pool, or posing in a beach babe photoshoot. But how can you look your best when so little is left to the imagination? Here are my top 5 tips for looking hot in swimwear:

1. Enhance your hips and bust

To maximize your fem curves, try these tips:

  • Go for ruffles and ruching. These style details are great for adding volume where you lack curves.
  • Wear a padded bikini top. Fortunately, many bikinis and swimsuits come with built-in padding for added oomph.
  • Try a skirted bikini bottom. A skirt that flares out at the hips is an easy way to add inches. It’s also great for covering areas you might not feel comfortable displaying.

2. Downplay your shoulders

The secret to sexy body is balanced proportions. Downplaying your shoulders will create a more feminine balance between your upper and lower body. Here are some tricks for making broad shoulders appear to be more delicate:

  • Avoid string bikinis unless you are truly tiny. Instead, select a bikini top with wide straps to balance the proportion of your shoulders.
  • Try a halter top. Halter tops draw the eye in, creating a slimming effect. They’re also great for showing off cleavage.
  • Avoid bandeau tops. Bandeau tops create a strong horizontal line across the chest, making your upper body look even wider.

3. Slim your middle

Here’s how to create a sexy hourglass shape:

  • Wear a shaping swimsuit. There are a lot of swimsuits with built-in control panels to hold in and slenderize your torso.
  • Look for suits with side panels in a contrasting color. A color blocked swimsuit is a great trick for slimming your torso. The eye is drawn towards the middle of your body and the sides are minimized, creating the look of a slimmer torso.
  • Wear a monokini. A monokini is a sexy swimwear style that has cutout sides. It’s less revealing than a bikini and the cutout side panels create the visual illusion of an hourglass figure.

4. Smooth your silhouette

 It’s not just about shape and size, but creating a sleek and smooth silhouette. Here are two critical tips:

  • Make sure your swimsuit fits. A suit that is too small will dig in and create unattractive bulges and belly rolls. A suit that is too big will droop.
  • Master the art of the “tuck.” Bikini bottoms leave nothing to the imagination, so you’ll want to ensure a smooth look. There are lots of forums and websites that can give pointers on how to do this comfortably. (Or take my first tip and wear a skirted bikini bottom.)

5. Pose pretty

 Posture is always important, but it’s especially crucial when your entire body is on full display. You should always be aware of the way you hold your body when you’re in a bikini. Think about your posture whether you’re sitting around a pool chatting with friends or posing for the camera. Keep your tummy in and avoid slouching at all times. The more long and lifted your posture, the slimmer you will appear. 

Follow these tips and I promise you’ll look sizzling on the beach or poolside. For inspiration, I’ve compiled a gallery of 8 stunning transgender bikini models below.

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What great advice. Very well written.

Just one edit I would suggest. A girl can never go wrong with a bikini. I feel certain that men everywhere will agree 😍

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Very good & carefully worded tips for bikini wear & some I didn't even think about, wearing a padded bottom bikini ! ☺


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very good advice indeed marish. I love sun tanning in a bikini just to get the tanlines.

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Yes good advice apart from bedroom transgenders, I love going to the beach in bikinis:)😂


NOTE:   "Bedroom transgenders:"  The poster was trying to differentiate between crossdressers who go out in public dressed, and those who dress only in safey and privacy of their own home.  ~Mike

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