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Trudeau Announces Canadian Government will Table Transgender Rights Bill on May 17

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that his government will table a transgender rights bill on May 17!  We don't know the full details yet, but a full announcement is expected Tuesday morning.  Trudeau has stated that the bill will "ensure the full protection of transgender people". 


This is actually a big deal.  None of our previous attempts at such a bill were ever tabled by the sitting government.  And since we have a majority government right now, I feel they've got a really good chance at getting this one pushed through to become law.  I'm a little worried about the senate (if I remember correctly, the last iteration had a bunch of anti-trans* amendments added in the senate), but overall, I'm fairly optimistic about this.  This bill will probably have the best chance to become law out of any of the attempts so far.  I think if anyone can do this, Trudeau can.  I'm hoping for the best!

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