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How Bathroom Rights for Transgender Americans Refueled the Culture War

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The people of Palatine, Ill., a middle-class suburb of Chicago marked by generic strip malls and tidy cul-de-sacs, had not spent much time debating the thorny questions of transgender rights. But in late 2013, a transgender high school athlete, so intent on defending her privacy that she is known only as Student A, took on her school district so she could use the girls’ locker room.

After the federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights ruled in her favor last fall, the two sides cut a deal: Student A could use the locker room and the school would install private changing areas. Some in the community denounced the arrangement; others joined theAmerican Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, which represented the girl, in declaring a victory for civil rights.

Now the whole nation is in a pitched battle over bathroom access, with the Obama administration ordering all public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. Across the country, religious conservatives are rebelling. On Friday, lawmakers in Oklahoma became the latest group to protest, proposing one measure to effectively overturn the order, and another calling for President Obama to be impeached over it.

How a clash over bathrooms, an issue that appeared atop no national polls, became the next frontier in America’s fast-moving culture wars — and ultimately landed on the desk of the president — involves an array of players, some with law degrees, others still in high school.




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Hard line Legalistic churches through time have always had a penchant for morals clauses . These churches appeal to the rural , sometimes the conservative suburban mindset. These people for the most part choose these places to live out of fear for the urban . They are usually fed Bible from Childhood and as a result , their "Perceived fears " of the Devil around every corner is REAL to them . In the twenties , it was Booze , Gambling and Night clubs . They eventually were outvoted by the mass populations in cities . The forties brought the rise of the Gay Underground . This spawned Beatniks by the late fifties . I guess here is where I entered the scene .

I was an outcast by 1963 . I already knew who I was and as a result , I hung with the Beatniks , poets and those who thought of themselves as Bohemians . Sure , the churches went after me and my kind . They went after my people for the same reason they went after Gambling and Booze years earlier . It offended THEIR BOTTOM LINE for one ! Yes, they wanted the money spent on having a good time on their Missions .

What's NOT new is the legalistic skewed version of Biblical scripture by minimally educated theocratists . These same Hollier than Thou people DEMAND we convert as Muslims have demanded or suffer THEIR consequences . They see THEIR world collapsing as a result of our progressive thought and our shunning THEIR way of life .

Legalistic religion won't go away . It's up to us to band together into credible VOTING BLOCKS and get favorable legisation that extends Civil Rights to ALL !

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