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Transgender activist dies after being 'denied treatment' for gun wounds in Pakistan hospital

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APakistani transgender activist who was shot and allegedly deprived of hospital treatment died of her wounds on Wednesday, the latest victim of a wave of violence against the community. 

The transgender female, known as Alesha, was shot eight times in Peshawar on Sunday night during an altercation between a group of men and several transgender people.

The cause of the dispute was not immediately clear. But transgender Pakistanis, many of whom are poor and work as dancers or in the sex trade, are frequently victims of violence and extortion, receiving little protection from authorities.

Immediately following the shooting, Alesha was transported to the nearby Lady Reading Hospital, where it is alleged she was ignored by doctors and refused access to either the male or female wards following complaints from staff and patients.



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Yes this is re-occuring state of violence against transgenders community type people as she was also a activist. 

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