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We, the LGBT community, continue to be harassed, beaten and KILLED on Roosevelt Avenue between 74st and 90st. This neighborhood has been the 'Queens' version of Chelsea, Manhattan, where gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender individuals have been free to express whom they are and taken part in the local businesses that have made the neighborhood boom. 

In the last 6-12 months, hate-crimes against the LGBT community have risen to the point where it has led to deaths and uncertainty for the rest of us who work and live in the neighborhood. The neighborhood has stood together since Julio Rivera's death in 1990 where he was beaten to death in a hate-related crime. 

Our streets, our neighborhood!~ has been a safe-haven for many of us LGBT community members where we can be ourselves, where we can be a strong community figure, a transgender facilitator at the local LGBT Center of Queens on 77 Street and 37th Avenue, a local openly gay council member of district  25 (Jackson Heights) or a child caring family who grew up in this neighborhood and calls it 'home.'

These last six to 12  months have been turbulent and uncaring for the LGBT community, we call upon council member Daniel Dromm and the 115th precinct to safeguard our neighborhood. Safeguard our streets, where we have spent years living in and out of the local businesses that have made Jackson Heights one of the top most diverse neighborhoods in the WORLD. Safe guard us, not because we require special treatment, but because there are people out there who are coming to OUR streets, OUR neighborhood, OUR safe-place; and they are bringing chaos, hatred and fear - none of these things/believes belong in our streets, in OUR Jackson Heights, in OUR Queens-New York City. 

We belong to the city, the country, and the world - we are The LGBT Community - The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, community members who live in fear of acceptance - we don't need to live in fear of walking down our streets too. It's difficult enough to live our lives as who we are; don't let hatred force us back into a world of deception and denial. 

We ask that the local government and local police do their jobs and protect ALL of us.

Links to hate crimes:





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