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It's a GREAT day to be a Virginian !

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last evening , 6-23-2016 , I listened to the NBC affiliate announce my friend Gavin Grimm could finish his Senior year at Gloucester High school and use the Boys restroom !!!!!! here I am, a mere 50 miles from the N Carolina border . I could almost hear the seizing and heart palpitations of the Religious Right wailing up from the depths of Hillsborough street in Raleigh as Pat McCory had filed a Friend of the Court brief in a last ditch move to solidify HB-2.

Here in Virginia , my guess in Lynchburg , about two hours West , I guess the Falwells sighed as they realized Transgender people suddenly became recognized via a court decision . Meanwhile , 45 minutes east , the Swamps shock as the papers were read aloud in Richmond . Yeah, ole Pat Robinson has certainly got something to complain about today on hissss 700 club !!!


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