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Update (8/4/16): Last week, the Supreme Court stopped a high school student named Gavin from using the boy's restroom at school. Why? Because Gavin is transgender.

Everything about Gavin affirms his identity as the boy he is – including his state ID. But his school board and the courts decided his mere presence in the boy's restroom could cause irreparable harm to others.

We need to protect our transgender kids, friends, and neighbors – not stigmatize and ostracize them.

Extreme legislation targeting LGBT people is spreading across the country. North Carolina and Mississippi passed awful laws, HB 2 and HB 1523. Discriminatory bills are currently pending in Tennessee, Missouri, Alaska, and Michigan.

More here: https://action.aclu.org/secure/WeAreNotThis?emsrc=Nat_Appeal_AutologinEnabled&emissue=LGBTrights&emtype=petition&ms=eml_160811_LGBTrights_wearenotthiskicker&__af=query_string_encrypted


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The nature of being is change, see sawing between renaissance and dark age.  I imagine it's early days in all battles for equal rights.


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