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Salem police investigating explosion of LGBT newspaper box

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Aug 25, 8:01 AM EDT

SALEM, Mass. (AP) -- Police in Salem are investigating the detonation of an explosive placed inside a news box for an LGBT newspaper as a possible hate crime.

The explosion of the Rainbow Times box along the Essex Street mall was reported early Tuesday. Police say it shook the downtown area and was heard up to a mile away.

Capt. Conrad Prosniewski says police believe the box was specifically targeted. It reportedly has been vandalized nearly 10 times in the past.



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The attitude of the police is disgusting.   

Considering the "explosion" could be heard a mile away, this obviously wasn't a firecracker.  Had it been a firecracker, I could understand the hesitation to call it a hate crime, as something so small (in the scheme of things) could be considered a stupid act of vandalism.

That the mailbox has been "vandalized" TEN TIMES IN THE PAST... would seemingly qualify this latest incident as nothing but hate, thereby making it a hate crime.

But what the heck do I know??  <_<

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