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Clinics to Start HRT for Trans People

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Naseem S. Miller | September 27, 2016, 5:18 PM
""Studies have shown that over the last couple of decades, due to discrimination and abuse, transgender people simply postpone or do without health-care. As a result, their situations are more likely to become emergency medical problems and much more severe," said Duncan, who helped train the Planned Parenthood staff."  -- orlandosentinel.com

Clinics to start hormone therapy services for transgender people

While this is great news, I have to question WHY the Orlando Sentinel found it necessary to stick a vid about an increasing threat of untreatable gonorrhea smack in the middle of the article.  Is it some subliminal message to straight cisgender people that VD and transsexuality go hand-in-hand?  Okay...that sounds a bit conspiracy-theory-ish... but damn!!  -Mike

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People want to thing of Planned Parenthood as JUST an abortion clinic.  And while most do offer abortions (and personally I believe only the pregnant woman ever has the right or knowledge to decide what is best for her) they also offer a WIDE range of services (mostly to women, but some men go there) including general reproductive health including cancer screenings, std screenings, and more that a lot of our poorer population don't have access to but critically need.  I think the people who work there are heroes, and often have to face terrifying things to help patients. 

Like they day they came outside to walk a very young Bree through the increasingly aggressive pickup line, because her abusive husband poked holes in the condoms I insisted on because I was looking for a way out, but there was no way I could make it with two kids.  I found out two weeks too late about the needles in the condoms, of course.  And as I was barely able to care for my child and myself at that point, there was literally no way I could care for two, and staying in that hellish marriage wasn't an option either.  A bunch of people who didn't know me, didn't care about me or why I was there, and sure as hell didn't want to care for my children if I had them, took it upon themselves to try to terrify me out of going inside and doing what I needed to do to get control of my life, free of ex-asshat, and give my son the best life I could.  And the nurses came outside and forced their way through to get me, because they were watching out the window for that.  They acted like it was no big deal, but I think they were just as scared the crowd would harm them at any minute, and they did it anyway. 

Those are the kind of people society wants to demonize.  People who put their own safety as well as expensive medical skills for low pay on the line to help others. 
I love Planned Parenthood, and more power to them for expanding their services to help more people.  I hope people stop trying to harm those workers.


Ps. In the interest of full disclosure, they actually helped me twice, but the second time I was in a better place and okay with being pregnant, but either the fetus or my body wasn't(my boy did some damage during his birth, not major, but enough that pregnancies could be tricky if they implanted on my left side), and I would have slowly bled to death without them, and wouldn't have been here to make any friends. 

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