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Supreme Court to Rule in Transgender Access Case

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Gavin Grimm is suing his Virginia school district to use the boys’ bathroom, which corresponds with his gender identity. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday entered the national debate over transgender rights, announcing that it would decide whether a transgender boy may use the boys’ bathroom in a Virginia high school.

The court is acting just a year after it established a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, as state laws and federal actions on transgender rights have prompted a welter of lawsuits. In taking the case, the court signaled that it may move more quickly in the area of transgender rights than it has in expanding gay rights.

More here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/29/us/politics/supreme-court-to-rule-in-transgender-access-case.html?_r=1


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Ol' Charly, I can't understand these silly laws, as I have NEVER been disrespected in a restroom (I am a cisgender Lesbian), even though I have the habit of speaking to others in the restroom.  Certainly would love to know the life experiences of those who make such silly laws!

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Yesterday, November 3rd , 2016 , Mr Grim was quoted as saying to W W B T -12 news as saying he dosen't want his case decided by the supreme court . Efforts by me to get a clearer response has been unsuccessful.

While I can see young Gavin's reasons , I am also aware of the HISTORICAL HATRED towards anything in the way of granting Equality here . Our Interracial marriage laws were sent to the supreme court , Virginia vs Loving 1963 . Brown vs Virginia board of Education , 1962. Look, here in Virginia , we have the stalwart groups who LIVE to regress to the 18th century ! Given the chance , we would return to Public hanging , Pillages , debtor's prison , and women unable to vote .

In many ways , Virginia is actually LIGHT YEARS ahead of N Carolina ! At least we didn't allow the draconian Restroom laws that RADICAL Christian zealot churches got Pat Mc Cory to sign at midnight

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