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Three Weddings & a Sex Change - A memoir by Kirsty Jayne Crow

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THREE WEDDINGS & A SEX CHANGE - A memoir by Kirsty Jayne Crow


My name is Kirsty Crow. I grew up on the Island of Jersey in the British Channel Islands, the original Jersey from which New Jersey takes its name. I spent the greater part of my life working in the UK airline industry but for the past six years have been working as a TESOL Teacher in Bangkok. 

I am a transgendered girl who begun living full time as Kirsty in 2006. In May 2007 I successfully underwent GRS with Dr Sanguan Kunaporn in Phuket, Thailand. I had facial feminisation surgery with Dr Chettawut in Bangkok in December 2009.

It took me many years to face up to who I really was and during that time I tried to convince myself that if I could meet the right girl then all would be fine. The result was three failed marriages before I finally sought the help that all girls like us need.

I have Stop correcting "narrated" my experiences in a memoir which is entitled THREE WEDDINGS AND A SEX CHANGE. The book has been published in the UK and is now available on-line at amazon.com http://a-fwd.com/asin=191040649X

The book explains a journey that will be familiar to all girls that have ventured along our difficult path. For those that are just beginning, it will provide an invaluable insight into the heartache and joys of such a journey. I've written from the heart in a story that I felt it was my duty to share.


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