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Just some quick thoughts I recorded moments ago about suicidal ideation. Nothing that, in my opinion, even requires a trigger warning. This is just audio. I had to stick a picture in it or the internet wouldn't accept it as video.



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Update - copy and pasted from my FaceBook.

I spoke with my prescriber yesterday. The longest conversation we've had so far. Typically it's a 20 minute appointment. He comes to get me 10 minutes late. I see him for 5 minutes, having accomplished nothing, and I go shopping at Goodwill on the way home thinking to myself "Why did I go and why now am I going to have to pay that medical bill?". Yesterday I locked him in his chair until I got answers to my satisfaction, lol.
Long story short, I'll be starting on Haldol. A medication used to treat schizophrenia since Leonardo was doing touch ups on Mona Lisa's smile. I was specifically asking for something in an older classification since I've tried everything in the modern one that has come out to date. Like the phenelzine sulfate I use to control my bipolar type one and is two classifications old, Haldol is used when a patient doesn't respond or responds negatively to the modern classifications of drugs used most commonly.
I asked the question of "why?" which always seems to get that odd look from a physician. "Why are they asking why? Why aren't they confused by my big words and just leaving my office with prescription in hand?" What I wanted to know was what is the difference in what the classifications do. A classification suggests that everything in that classification addresses pretty much the same thing in pretty much the same way. So my question was, what is different in what the modern classification of psych drugs is affecting in the brain vs. this older classification.
The answer, the modern classification (like Ambien and the others we see all those nifty commercials for) tend to treat the brain more generally. Going out to all the neurotransmitters. Affecting everything, serotonin, dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid. Haldol targets specifically the dopamine D2 receptors only. My phenelzine sulfate is an MAIO inhibitor. Again more targeted. More specific. Both are used with caution and as a last choice due to potential severe side effects.
This goes back to my earlier question about psych medications. "Shouldn't we put more science in our science?" With brain chemistry testing and base line data we should be able to target more specifically an individuals issue. Having a greater chance to correct the specific imbalance rather than handing out the latest and greatest because the pharmaceutical companies handed out free samples and managed to make a cool commercial about it. While humans beings share much in common with each other we also have our own subtle differences.
Anyway, I'm heading back into town tomorrow evening for a meeting so I'll pick up my new prescription while I'm out. Fingers crossed, I'll give it a try. At least I know this isn't another same old, same old but in fact something different.
P.S., Oh, and the nifty injections are not a new type of med but just, example, Ambien in a syringe. It's just more convenient to do a once a month injection but the medication would have had to have worked for you.
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