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You can do this yourself. However, TGG isn't likely a place where you'd meet people - it's not a dating site. But from to time people to ask around to see if there are others in their area and that's fine. Just please read the board's rules and regs and make sure you don't cross any lines. We hold our content up to pretty high standards as we often have younger people here exploring themselves and their gender.


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Dear Judy,

There is a wonderful FREE dating website, where I made GREAT Internet friends, called www.TGDating.com, not related to TGGuide.

Also, you may want to consider www.meetup.com, where I am starting a social/activity group for Lesbians in my home town.

Please don't give up on TGGuide, as I have made MANY GREAT friends here!

Think there are some members of TGGuide who live in New Jersey.  You may want to think in terms of the "northeast."

Focus on friends first, and then you may find a lover.

Consider joining a Gender Conference.  Am attending this Fall's Fantasia Fair.  There may be gender support groups within an hour or two from where you live.

Good luck!



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