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College: Feces swastika found in gender-neutral bathroom

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Feb 24, 8:48 AM EST

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- One of the top art schools is in the U.S. is investigating after anti-Semitic graffiti made out of human waste was found in a gender-neutral bathroom.

WJAR-TV reports (http://bit.ly/2lQZ5oI ) that the Rhode Island School of Design told students the swastika was discovered over the weekend in a dormitory bathroom.



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Oh gross.  I have a friend who is an accountant in a city tax department, and they're right next to the water department.  She once casually mentioned the door covered in feces has happened more than once.  Usually it's the water department door, but occasionally people get confused and hit the tax office door.  They could tell it wasn't meant for the tax office despite the obvious ire potential becuase most of the time partial water bills with the identifiying top part ripped off are adhered. 

Angry people get gross, and stupid.  I really also feel bad for whatever poor janitor soul gets stuck having to deal with that.

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When I first read the article Charlie linked, I was really jacked up about it.  Whoever did this, took down three groups in one fell smear (yeah, the pun is intended) - Jews, transgender people, and hard-working blue collar people (the janitors) whom the culprits probably figure are all black or brown, and so they couldn't care less that they had to clean up that mess.

What also hurt is that this happened in an institution that one would think would be progressive, accepting, inclusive, EDUCATED above bigotry.  An art school.  Of all places, a sanctum of artisticly creative minds.  Being an artist (albeit, a "starving" one...LOL), this merging of the arts and hate is painful.  It has now shown me that they are everywhere... the haters are in every nook and cranny, in every crease in the fabric of mankind.

And they are all feeling empowered now....

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And while we're on the topic, the arts themselves are in danger, they are either going after or already canned the national endowment. I  can't think of anything that brings people together and shares understanding and wisdom than art.  :(  

But a college can only teach so much, they can't really change the worldview of students taught something from birth if the student doesn't want to learn something different.  There are always gonna be students who just go to get their degree and shrug off the rest, never realizing how valuable other points of view really are whether it changes theirs or not, understanding other worldviews makes getting along int eh world with them better.  I know a lot of people whose worldviews drive me up the wall, but learning where they got those views has been invaluable in understanding the greater world around me. 

Haters of everything, be it trans or women or a culture, whatever the detail, have always been everywhere, but we still made TREMENDOUS progress as a society desptie them.  Yes, we are backsliding a bit now, but I think it's a last desperate flail.  A great many people who were apathetic to it before are starting to realize its' not okay now that is' naked instead of subtle.  And the people who don't hate are working harder than i have EVER seen them to make things better, and that gives us hope that we will rebound, recover, and continue forging forward.  The world populations are moving around, intermingling, exposing to each other, and slowly learning to get on.  But the world is different than it was when I was a child, it is better.  Fixed?  No.  But better.  A black man won president past the racial glass ceiling.  A woman won the popular vote, and if not for electoral math would have broken that glass ceiling too.  These ideas were IMPOSSIBLE when I was young.  It's slow, it's painful to be alive during the time everyone has to fight and protest and be harshly vigilant about our rights nad respecting those of people with ugly views, but we ARE making it better for those that come after.  It was better for us than those that came before.  And that is important to hold on to.

*whispers* Pinterest has some really great cheap recipes that don't seem cheap on the plate.  I'm not mocking the starving artist comment, I'm just sharing a tidbit from one tight budget to another!  :)  Food costs are rising at an insane level, and need to be carefully managed these days. 

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