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Two episodes in, and CBS is pulling the plug.  I was starting to get into it, and was glad to see that the transgender character was being played by a transgender actress.  And the character was open about her being trans, as every once in a while, something in her past would be casually mentioned.

I'm disappointed.

Daniel Reynolds | February 25 2017 5:51 PM EST

"As celebrities cry "protect trans kids," CBS pulls the only show on network television to feature a transgender series regular, Laverne Cox.

"The loss of trans visibility is ill-timed for the LGBT community, to say the least. The question of whether federal law against sex discrimination covers gender identity discrimination will be debated next month in a Supreme Court case, in which trans high school student Gavin Grimm will be fighting for his rights. The "bathroom battle" sparked new protests this week, when the Trump administration rescinded education guidelines protecting trans students."  --advocate.com

Doubt's Cancellation Is a Cruel and Ill-Timed Blow to Trans Visibility

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Yeah, I guess Sense8 can't count as a regular show since it's so freakin' expensive to produce that seasons are REALLY slow to happen.  They have to dual film scenes all over the world to produce it, slow and expensive. But Jaime Clayton is awesome as Nomi, and she gets storylines just as strong and well done as all the other characters.  And I didn't realize it, but the actress they have playing her girlfriend is Freema Agyeman from Dr. Who.  Freema's hair is so radically different as Amanita I didn't recognize her.   Sense8 has a really diverse cast whose roles don't suffer horribly from tv stupidity and inability to make good decisions to save their lives, I liked it.  And it has Naveen Andrews who I love, so what's not to like. :)


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