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The VA to state Sex AND Gender

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I was told today when I went to an appointment at the VA that the VA will be changing it's system to add both sex and gender to patient data to better help treat transgender patients. This is something that was discussed in a tele-conference, and in conversations prior to that tele-conference that I gave to NY state VA's in July of 2015.
The reason this is important for patients is because clinical reminders were being missed for transgender patients who have more things during and after transition to check than if they were a patient listed as only either male or female sex.
Example: For the transgender female during and after transition both breast exams (any age) and prostate exams (after 50) are needed for the health of the patient as well as perhaps other things. I'm not a Dr. so this is the best example I can give you.
This information was given to me by my primary care and I can't confirm it beyond what she told me.

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