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NYT: "‘He,’ ‘She,’ ‘They’ and Us"

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I think we'd all agree that news coverage of transgender people and issues is at an all time high, and that benefits us a lot. Nothing breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions than familiarity, knowledge, and conversation. So I was delighted this morning to find this article in The Times: 

He,’ ‘She,’ ‘They’ and Us

I hope everyone here will be able to access it. It's in an NYT section they call "The Times Insider" which may only be available to subscribers. In case you're not able to read it, here's the closing paragraph:

"The power of language cannot be overstated. It can legitimize or it can dismiss. For instance, those who opposed the student’s access to the locker room deliberately referred to her with male pronouns in interviews, and court documents systematically refer to her as “he.” That discomfort, Ms. Hartocollis suggested, may be a symptom of a larger issue. The question of which pronoun to use “has many different layers,” she said. “They have to do with your inner self and the way society perceives you and your social status.”

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