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I've just made my first attempt at depilating my facial hair! 

I bought a Braun 2 speed wet or dry, so one of the best brands. I showered and exfoliated. i shaved down to 5mm and used plenty of germolene which has analgesic.

it was actually borderline bearable, but only on my sparse cheek hair. It was also fairly effective, with only a tiny amount of bleeding (unlike when I use a shaver!)

BUT...the prospect of moving on to my chin and upper lip was far too much to handle!

Some advice please - have any of you ladies successfully epilated your facial hair? How did you manage the pain? Can you recommend a more effective topical analgesic?

Josie Kat x

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I used one for a while back in high school on my legs because I'm stupidly clumsy and razors and got swayed by the happy and simple looking commercials.  The thing with the epilation supposedly is that if you rip out the hair long enough, it supposedly damages the follacles and nerves enough that it both grows back more sparingly and sensitivity lessens.  Sort of a 'bite your bullet and then one day it will magically be easy' thing was what I was told over and over, but it just seemed to hurt worse the longer I used the thing and I just tossed the whole thing aside. In the end I ended up not caring what studies and other women claimed, that crazy thing hurt like hell, I'm wimpy with really sensitive skin and a low pain threshold, and gave up after a few months and went for Nair.  It's messy, it's stinky, and sorta itchy, but it's not painful, far less dangerous than razors in my hands, and while it doesn't last anywhere near as long as depilating, it does last longer than shaving.  And makes your skin weirdly touchable after, I think they put some heavy duty moisturizers in that stuff.

But, in proof on the oft quoted mileage may vary, Nikki's sensitivity to it is very low, and Nikki uses the epilator with very little pain even in places that I considers REALLY sensitive like the underarms and chest where no depilator will get near me without being thrown over Niagara Falls.  Individual skin sensitivity and hair growth seems to play a large factor in this.  

I know several women who consider the fast Band-Aid rip of waxing to be preferable to something like the mechanical depilators, they claim doing a large area at once and getting it over with is better than the slower sweeping of the unit over their skin.  Take that for what it's worth, and if you are personally very heat sensitive waxing will not be the right option.  

I did find this article that may be useful to you though.  http://www.epilatorcentral.com/numbing-creams-for-epilators/ ​ 

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Very good interesting read about Epilation, however personally for me, I just shave everyday or every other day, I just old fashioned traditional but I would like to try electrolysis, once you get used to shaving it becomes more available in practice makes perfect.


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