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‘Transparent’ creator Jill Soloway comes out as trans and non-binary

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I feel that as more people come out as trans it's like tearing another brick from the wall. Here comes another! From The Guardian: 

Transparent’s Jill Soloway: ‘The words male and female describe who we used to be’

The writer and director on the feminist ideals behind new show I Love Dick, coming out as non-binary and why being called pretty feels like ‘a strange insult’

“I think it’s more about the binary, the masculine and feminine,” Soloway says, lapsing back into the jargon. “There will always be incredibly masculine people and completely feminine people, but that has nothing to do with people’s bodies, whether they have a penis or vagina. And besides those two poles there’s also a place in the middle, the non-binariness, the people who don’t register as one or the other. I’m happy to speak on behalf of women and on behalf of feminism. But I notice when people see me as non-binary, I get treated more as a human being,” Soloway says.

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