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Hi Patrice, and welcome! Glad you're liking what you're finding. We try hard to make meaningful posts in the forums, and have the blog area for personal discussions - which I like a lot.

I don't receive notification emails when I receive a "like" so I looked around to see if I could figure out why. Please try this:

- Pull down on your name in the upper right corner of the screen to reveal the menu.

- Select "Notification Settings".

- There, I found that I don't have much selected at all and one can opt out of everything. 

Hope that helps and, even more, that we hear more from you.


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Hello, recent member.

Is it possible to turn-off of the "likes" notifications? I would rather not receive such notifications. I can always ignore the little red circle, or otherwise delete said posts.

Hi patrice... and welcome to the TG Guide Board.

The "likes" are built into the board - not a whole lot we can do about them unless they are just flat disabled for everyone.  Because we have become such a social media society, "likes" have become nearly inseperable from so many platforms. 

That said, we would prefer that you "ignore the little red circle" rather than delete your posts.  I can appreciate that you prefer not to be notified when someone has liked something you've posted, but deleting posts are unfair to those who have taken the time to read your OP, and then reply to that OP and subsequent posts.  It can really wreck the flow of a topic.  Sometimes, such deletions force us to have to remove entire threads - again, not fair to other members.

I hope you understand.

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As said no, they are there as a merely interactery part of social media, indicates a notice to or indication of understanding to nothing more, just ignore them if they are of concern to you. They basically are just hey I read that or I agree with that or yeah I suppose that's one way to look at things sort of interaction others can have without adding dialogue to the stream.

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