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"Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity"

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I was happy to see this article - although I know that feeling may not be universal. If they don't find "the smoking gun" in our DNA I would say that a) they may not have looked in all the right places, and b. gender identity may not be linked to DNA at all. As we've heard it may very well originate from hormone washes and their timing in utero. What do you think?

Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity

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Interesting article. I kind of look at it from 2 directions - first, if discrimination weren't a thing (wild hypothetical) this kind of research could ultimately help resolve gender dysphoria much earlier in life. If you could find that someone is trans from early on they could be spared years of emotional suffering.

Now looking at the world as it is, it could help reduce discrimination (at least the kind written into laws) if a biological link is found. Either way, science is going to happen, there's no way to stop these discoveries even if they were problematic.

Personally, I've thought about the argument that "science can't prove why you're trans so how do you know you are?" (My sister was among those who asked). My answer is "because I know." That should be enough, even if science can't find out "why we are trans," we are.

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