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Podcasts about Transgender

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I found while driving north through BC and the Yukon Territory that radio - especially PBS/NPR - was pretty much nonexistent, and, perhaps late to the party, I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. Now I'm downloading them like crazy and especially interested in those that are about transgender topics. Here's several that I recommend:

This one is by the mother of a trans daughter who is about 9 years old now; I absolutely love it, especially this episode: Episode VII: THE FACTS (about transgender kids)

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I really like Cheryl Strayed anyway and was happy to find this: Life As Transgender: Dealing With A Discouraging Family

Here's the intro, copied from the site:

I am a young guy in university undergoing a gender transition. Since coming out at the start of this academic year, I have never been so centered and calm — and I am happy with life. I have finally gotten to a point where I can allow myself to get into a serious relationship with someone who truly respects my identity and sees me as nothing but male.

I listened to this one but I don't actually recall how good it was, so give it a try but don't blame me...


Might you recommend others? The ones I recommended have excellent production and are very easy and informative to listen to. There are others that I've tried and pretty quickly dismissed.  I'd love it if we share in this thread any and all that TGG folks want to recommend.

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Here's another one, pretty interesting reporting by the BBC World Service: Inside Transgender Pakistan

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